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Here is a laundry list of web sites I have designed:

Older ones that haven't been updated in a while:

I did the back end programming and coding on the links below:

Web Hosting  Evidence Media

Need web hosting? Maybe just some consulting? It gets complicated, so contact me and I can help. Again, I am a super small company, just me. So if you need something, you call me directly anytime. I am always available. Hosting starts at $120 a year, contact me for more details or special needs.

Graphic Design / Web Design  Evidence Media

Ok, one more thing, I have done Graphic and Web Design for over fourteen years now. Yes both. I got started out east in Connecticut working for clients like WWF, headquartered in Conneticut. Came back home to go to school studying Business Information Systems with an emphasis in E-commerce at Utah State University. I love doing iPhone and iPad apps. Check out as an example of one I designed.

~Josh Kirk  Evidence Media

I am really easy to work with, if you have any domains you want to list on here for sale, just put it in the comments ->. Please make any offer, I am just one guy trying to unload some domain names. I do graphic and web design for a living, and have these domain leftovers from past clients that I don't need anymore. Plus they owe me some money, so maybe this can turn into a great opportunity to sell some stuff. Oh, if you see your domain here, sorry, didn't know you still wanted it. Just send me some money and its yours. Comprendo!

Super SMALL company Call me: 435-757-0035

  • The smallest business oriented domain marketplace in the world
  • The Lest Sales & Traffic: Less than 1 user per month (its a miracle you found me)
  • The Name You Want: If it's not listed, I'll track it down for you
  • Buy premium or sucky domain names, I don't care, well I do, but its really whatever you want.
  • I use top quality registrars to purchase domain names from, and manage it for you, because lets be honest, we all forget sometimes, even when its your own cherished domain name.